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"Military service is not merely a profession or a duty.

It also needs to be the innate call of conscience, the call of your heart"

                                                                                                                                                                                            John Paul II



In 2010 GROM celebrated its 20th anniversary. The anniversary served as a particular occasion to summarize the short albeit interesting history of GROM as the unit has worked hard over the past 20 years to earn and retain its well founded reputation amongst other special troops of the world. The decision to establish the unit has been taken in response to the mounting global terrorism threat in a moment when it began to affect Poland as well.  With time, the original concepts of the founder and first commander of the unit, General Sławomir Petelicki, needed to be modified in order to adapt to new and ever-changing threats, and the diverse duties the unit was being called upon to perform. A crucial turning point came when the unit was transferred from the Ministry of Interior to the Ministry of National Defense, which was occasioned by the need to expand its operational and logistic potential, and consolidate co-operation with the peer special forces units around the world. One thing remains unchanged though: the attitude of the GROM soldiers, with their professionalism and striving for excellence.

Over the past 20 years, GROM participated in numerous international missions, operations, and exercises. The lessons learned and experience gained that way became part and parcel of the training system and today help us equip the GROM soldiers with the cutting edge technologies thus elevating their training to an unprecedented level. That is why our soldiers are always prepared to take up on new challenges.