Jednostka Wojskowa GROM

czcionka mniejsza czcionka normalna czcionka większa

 "As long as you fight you are the winner"

 st. Augustin

The 30th anniversary of the Military Unit GROM is a special opportunity to summarize the still short but interesting history of the Unit,
which over the past years and despite the difficulties has gained and consolidated its current position, recognized among other special units in the world.

     The decision to create the Unit was made as a result of the growing terrorist threat in the world, when the problem began to affect our country in real terms.
      The principles established by the initiator and first commander of the Unit - late General Petelicki had to undergo changes and modifications,
which were caused by the need to adapt to the constantly changing threats and the diversity of tasks faced by the Unit.
The key change was the transition from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the Ministry of National Defense,
which resulted from the expansion of operational and logistic capabilities and tightening cooperation with similar special units in the world.

     Only one thing remains unchanged from the very beginning - the mentality of GROM soldiers who are characterized by professionalism and striving for perfection in action.
     Throughout the years of its existence,GROM has participated and continues to participate in many international missions, operations and exercises.
The conclusions we have drawn from them and the experience we have gained help us to constantly develop our training system and provide our soldiers with the cutting-edge equipment.
Thus, we create a new quality of training and we are always prepared for new challenges.

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Jednostka Wojskowa GROM
04-520 Warszawa
tel. 261895011
fax. 261895666

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